Team Bio


John, the assistant hill guide coach.
JOHN KILLOUGH: Assistant Hill Guide/Coach
I have been a CASI level 1 instructor for 5 year and a Track 3 instructor for 5 years also. I joined TEAM STARFISH 3 yrs ago. I train with Emily on the hill we have progressed into aggressive race slalom training, carving and edges. My best memory is last season Team Starfish went to Mansfield for a snowboarder alpine race event. The start gate was steep and intimidating, nothing we ever trained for but courageous Emily marched up the stairs and attacked it full throttle and the rest of the snowboarding community cheered her on, truly a great moment. I Love snowboarding, lifting, wall climbing, anything outdoors oh and eating. #teamstarfishforlife


Andrew, the head hill guide/coach.
ANDREW: Head Hill Guide/Coach



Andrew, the SUP assistant guide/coach.
ANDREW: SUP Assistant Guide/Coach


Drew, the SUP head guide/coach.
DREW: SUP Head Guide/Coach


Jennifer-Anne, the cardio guide/coach.
JENNIFER-ANNE: Cardio Guide/Coach


Steve, the gym trainer.
STEVE: Gym Trainer