On Hill Training


On hill team.Emily and lead guide / coach, Andrew.Emily and lead guide / coach, Andrew.Emily and assistance hill guide / coach, John.Emily racing at Boler Mountain with lead guide / coach, Andrew.Emily preparing to train at the hill.

On hill training happens during the winter months when I am on the hill. During this time we work on race prep for upcoming races, specific race skill techniques, race gate training, race speed drills, race guide communication, etc. as our winter season is short 3 to 4 months of the year we really try to get out to the hill as much as possible. We usually make it out on the hill minimum of 2 per week.  Races usually always happen during weekends. I have participated in both home races and away races.

When we are training at the hill I have 2 guides with me most of the time. Sometimes I just work with one guide. It really depends on my guides schedules. When I am racing I am allowed one guide with me on the race hill at all times. If we can make it work we always have a second guide at the hill as a backup.

When we are training at the hill we use 2 way headsets to communicate as often times the snow is very loud which makes it a lot harder to hear what my guides are saying. Using the 2 way headsets allows us to have full communication 100 percent of the time on the hill. This past winter we started to also incorporate bear bells on the hill. Using the bear bells help me to gain a better understanding of exactly where my guides are at all times as I can hear the ringing of the bear bells. We also started using bear bells during races to help me learn the various different race courses as each race course has its own set of different turns and gate setups.

Most of the races I compete in our Giant Slalom.  It's like Slalom but it's often times a longer course and with gates more spread out in some areas of the race course. I have competed in Slalom races but more often I compete in Giant Slalom races.

This page will showcase on season training so be sure to check back often!